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Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Because HVAC systems aren't considered "attractive", builders usually install them in an area out of direct view. As a result, they are often forgotten about and don't receive the annual recommended manufactuer's maintenance guidelines.  What happens next?  The the system fails - costing the homeowner thousands to either repair or replace. 

Let's face it, HVAC systems are not cheap.  Smart homeowners view their HVAC system as they would any investment.  Consider your car as an example.  You wouldn't drive your car past the recommended mileage before it needed an oil or air filter change, right?.  Getting your HVAC system checked and maintained twice annually is just as important.

It's a fact that homeowners who perform preventative maintenance on their HVAC system experience inccreased efficiency, lower monthly utility bills and overall better comfort. Homeowners that don't can expect just the opposite and, more often tha not, premature replacement of their system accompanied with higher repair costs.

Click on the button below to see what you can expct when you sign a prevenative maintenance proram with Cold Plus, LLC.


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